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  • Pine is every second Latvian tree, which is the most widespread in our forest area. The needles are placed in pairs that are longer than spruce needles, needles fall every 2 to 6 years. The pine has an estimated lifespan of over 100 years, but there are some conifers up to 500 years old. Coniferous Wood materials are useful for firewood, construction, pallet boarding, and other applications, due to their straight and steep origin, this wood was also used for masts.

Leaf Trees

  • Birches occupy about 29% of Latvia’s total forest area. Birch is a summer green monocotyledon whose trunk is covered with bark, which for many birch species is white. In Latvia, the most common is the warty birch, which can reach up to 35 meters in height and grow up to 150 years old. Economically, birch is often used in the round and sawn form, including for plywood, pallet packaging, construction, and as pulpwood. Birchwood is also used to make furniture and household items.


Wood is the only available renewable material and this fact is important for reducing the consumption of non-renewable resources. In addition, wood has many properties that make it a modern, practical and economical material. Wood is considered to be one of the most suitable building materials. However, in timber construction, simplistic associations with timber log building still exist, rather than modern and functional materials, which are an integral part of energy-efficient construction.application prevents soil compaction for years.


Pallet wood


Widely used wood materials are Coniferous and Deciduous, which is used not only for pallets but also for other materials, and by reference to hardwoods, coniferous processing is considerably simpler and quicker. Deciduous trees are not widespread among Latvian sawmills, the material of this wood requires more work compared to coniferous material, moreover, deciduous trees produce more residual than debris. However, our wood manufacturers have a customized manufacturing facility and production process to meet customer needs to provide high-quality hardwood and softwood pallet blanks. Our pallet wood is manufactured with direct precision, we produce boards in standard sizes and custom made. According to the needs of our customers, we produce boards of various sizes that can be used for the production of standard and non-standard pallets. Boards are manufactured with high precision and the material is extremely durable so that our customers can easily use automatic palletizing machines.


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